The Decision to buy a Home is seldom easy.  
Along with the consideration of price  and the
various appeals of the neighborhood, style,size
and floorplan, the fundamental question arises - -
is the house itself sound?  What kinds of repairs
may be in order, and what can reasonably be
expected in the way of cost?
Having a professional inspection is your
assurance that your home purchase is a sound
investment.  Our certified inspector covers all
major systems of your home purchase.
*Help you understand your new home
*Provides unbiased assessment of the house itself
*Provide you with a detailed narrative report
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Inspections Incorporated
"Let House2Home Inspections help to make a House Your HOME"
Professional Inspector
Certified Home Inspector
Personalized Reports
Inspections follow CREIA
standards of practice and  Include:
Foundation, Basement, Exterior,
Roof Covering, Attic Areas, Roof
Framing, Plumbing, lectrical,
Heating, Cooling, Fireplace,
Chimneys, &Building Interior
Our Comprehensive Report...
will distinguish between items that need to be repaired or
replaced, areas that might require rountine maintenance and
components deemed suspect at the time of the inspection.